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The Pass It On event was thought up way back in June 2021 by DC_Wan. With the original concept involving many streamers passing the save file around with the viewers. A 24/7 streamed event where everyone worked towards a common goal, each taking on a specific task, continuing where the last streamer left off or starting a new one.

Then dedicated servers arrived, this took focus away from the single save file idea and the Pass It On concept.

Dedicated servers wouldn't work for such an event since people all accross the globe in many timezones would struggle with latency issues. So the event was put on hold.


The game become increasingly more creative since original conception, with update 5 and later updates adding interesting ways to build.

Satisfictionary came on board early in 2022 and so began the reaching out process, contacting and re-contacting streamers to invite them to this unique event.

After the huge success of the first event, DC and Fiction soon realised that the lack of sleep should be shared with more people, so asked a few friends to assist with the event coordination. Avoiding DST (Daylight Saving Time) Pass It On should happen every 3 months


Next event: July 2024

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